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An impressive collection awaits you...

The Museum has thousands of irreplaceable items in the archives along with over 60 vehicles that range from 1886 through 2003. The interesting question is, how many cars will–trigger a memory, put a smile on your face, and leave you in awe? 

1886    Oldsmobile Steam Carriage

1897    Oldsmobile

1899    Oldsmobile Electric      

1901    Oldsmobile Curved Dash

1903    Oldsmobile Curved Dash

*1904    Oldsmobile Curved Dash (Currently on display at the Lansing Capital Region International Airport)

1905    Oldsmobile N Runabout- Adopted through March 2018 by www.outrightolds.com

1906    REO Momma & Baby

1906    REO, model B, runabout 
1908    REO Runabout, model B, 4 pass.
1909    REO A Two Cyl. Touring
1911    REO truck

1912    REO Depot Hack

1912    REO H Truck
1919    Bates "Steel Mule" Tractor 
1920    Oldsmobile Economy Truck
1921    Oldsmobile V8 Model 46
*1921    Oldsmobile 46T V8 
1923    REO Speedwagon Flat Bed
1926    Star 2 Door Coach
1926    Olds 2 Dr. Roadster - ADOPTED through September 2020 by Robert Thrun
1927    REO Flying Cloud 4 door

1927    REO Wolverine - Barn Find

*1928    REO Model FA Grain Truck

1929    REO Model B2 Flying Cloud Mate, Rumble Seat Coupe

1930    Oldsmobile Viking 4-door sedan

1930    Durant 4-Door Sedan

1932    REO Amb/Hearse
1936    REO Flying Cloud 4-door Sedan
1937    Oldsmobile Model L Coupe 8- cylinder
1937    Oldsmobile 8 Four Door Touring Sedan
1938    REO Speedwagon Fire Truck
1940    Oldsmobile 70 Series Coupe
1942    Oldsmobile 98 Club 2-door Sedan
1948    Oldsmobile Futuramic 4-door Sedan

1950    Oldsmobile Convertible

1950    Oldsmobile Coupe- ADOPTED through September 2020 by Don Baron

1950    Oldsmobile "Woody" Station Wagon
1951    Oldsmobile Super 88 Four Door Sedan

1952   Oldsmobile 88 Lansing Police Car
1953    Oldsmobile NASCAR Race Car

1954    Super 88 4-door Sedan

1962    Oldsmobile F85 2-door Coupe
1963    Oldsmobile Starfire Hard Top Coupe
*1964    Oldsmobile Dynamic 88, 2-door Hard Top Coupe
*1964    Oldsmobile F-85 Cutlass Conv.- ADOPTED through January 2021 by George & Julie Parker

1966    Oldsmobile Toronado
1966    Oldsmobile Toronado Pusher, factory one-off

1966    442 "Hurst Harry Olds"

1969    Oldsmobile 98 Convertible

1969    Hurst/Olds Hard Top

1972    Oldsmobile Custom Vista Cruiser
1974    Oldsmobile 98 Regency Hard Top

1974    Diamond REO Raider     

*1976    Oldsmobile Omega 2-door

1979    Olds Cutlass Supreme Brougham 2-door

1979    Delta 88 Royale 4-door Sedan- Diesel

1981    Oldsmobile Omega 2-door Coupe

1981    Olds Toronado XSC- Diesel     

1984    March Indy race car - Jet Die Engineering

*1984    Cutlass Supreme Brougham 2-door
1985    Olds Cutlass Salon 'Darth Vader', factory one-off

1985    Oldsmobile Calais "MSU" Convertible
1988    Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible, Indy Pace Car     

1995    Oldsmobile Aurora Pace Car    

1996    GM EV1 Electric Car

1997    Pontiac Sunfire Convertible

1999    Olds Alero Indy Pace Car 
*2003    Cadillac CTS, R.W. Steering

*2004    Olds Alero Final 500

*The Museum rotates cars from the collection in and out of displays; not every vehicle in our collection will always be available for viewing. If you are interested in a specific vehicle, please call ahead of your visit.
Our Collection
Our Collection
Our Collection
Our Collection
Our Collection
Our Collection